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Would you like to explore questions such as:
“Who am I?”

“Why am I here?”

“Where do we go after death?”

“Why did I choose this life?”

“What about karmic relationships?"

“Who is my soul mate?“

Based on the pioneering work of Dr Michael Newton, Life-Between-Lives (LBL)Spiritual Regression uses deep hypnosis to assist clients in achieving a superconscious state. In this deeply relaxed state it is possible to recall soul experiences during the life between lives stage. Re-connecting with the unconditional love and acceptance of this stage is felt by the majority of people as an amazingly blissful and uplifting experience.

Dr Michael Newton's work is detailed in his books Destiny of Souls,and Journey of Souls. Both books make compulsive reading. Using his methodology, The Newton Institute now concentrates on training qualified hypnotherapists worldwide and in 2006 Caroline was very privileged to be trained by Dr Newton and his team and is now a certified member of The Newton Institute.

This therapy has the potential to impact powerfully and positively on the lives of those who participate. In order to receive most benefit from the Life-Between-Lives session it is important to prepare in-depth beforehand. This preparation is different for each person and for some it may take a little time before they are ready. A Life-Between-Lives regression is always preceeded by a past life regression as a separate session. The Life-Between-Lives session itself can take up to 5 hours or even more. Each human life is a unique journey of learning and discovery; and Life-Between-Lives therapy can greatly enrich and enhance that learning process.

A past life session costs €120
A life-between-lives session costs €300

Life Between Lives Regression. www.general-hypnotherapy-register.com

Michael Newton's books are available from amazon

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